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TIPOLOGY Oltrepo Pavese doc
GRAPE VARIETIES croatina rare grapes
IN THE GLASS lively red

The Oltrepo has a historical vocation for the production of red wines, Croatina,
in fact, is the most ancient grape grown in the area; the first historical accounts date
back to 1200. Croatina grapes are harvested by hand depending on the maturation
stage, de-stemmed and pressed; it then undergoes maceration that lasts between eight to ten days depending on the characteristics of the vintage, in stainless steel tanks, with frequent pumping over. At the end of the malolactic fermentation the wine ages in stainless steel tanks for about 4/5 months. Before bottling the spume develops
in pressurized tanks to obtain a natural re-fermentation.

Organoleptic Features
Ruby red of with violet nuances. Intense and vinous with hints of cherries
and woodland fruits. A smooth elegant wine. To be drank young.

Food Suggestions
Well accompanies meat filled ravioli, hot salami such as typical Italian cotechino or zampone, all roasted meats, mature and semi mature cheeses.

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