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TIPOLOGY Oltrepo Pavese IGT
IN THE GLASS sweet, lively white

Harvest takes place towards the 2nd decade of September when the grapes have reached a high sugar concentration. The grapes are pressed and the must obtained remains in contact with the skins at a very low temperature for 12 hours. After racking the free run must is cooled and put into thermostatically controlled stainless steel tanks, where fermentation takes places. Before bottling the spume develops in pressurized tanks to obtain a natural re-fermentation. It is then put into bottles.

Organoleptic Features
Straw yellow with golden reflections, the intense and fragrant floral aromas are marked with apricot and peach blossoms. A delicate captivating sweetness.

Food Suggestions
The most famous of all are the traditional Christmas ‘Panettone of Milan’ and the ‘Pandoro of Verona’. also all kinds of sponge based cakes and biscuits, also fruit and fruit salads.

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