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TIPOLOGY Oltrepo Pavese doc
GRAPE VARIETIES barbera croatina rare grapes
IN THE GLASS still red

This wine is one of the oldest still in the company’s production and is found on the
summit of the ‘CUSTIO’ hill. After being de-stemmed and crushed, they undergo
maceration for eight to ten days depending on the characteristics of the vintage,
in stainless steel tanks, with frequent pumping over. At the end of the malolactic
fermentationthe wine is aged for 50% in stainless steel tanks and 50% in barriques.
For about 10 months; when blended it is rested for a further 2 months in bottles.

Organoleptic Features
A deep ruby red. An aroma of intense spicy notes, black cherries and plums, an austere wine of great structure and persistence.

Food Suggestions
Red meat dishes such as thinly slice drump steak (tagliata), tasty fillet steaks
or delicious T bone steaks. Well seasoned cheeses and game.

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