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TIPOLOGY White sparkling spumante wine VQPRD
GRAPE VARIETY pinot nero

The grapes are harvested by hand and then vinified in white with a soft pressing;
they then ferment in strict temperature controlled stainless steel tanks between 16°/ 17° for about 6 months. Subsequently, the bottling takes place with the formation of spume in the bottle where the wine will continue to develop for a further 14 months.

Organoleptic Features
A fine persistent perlage, with an intense creamy spume, a bright straw yellow.
Intense and elegant with fresh floral hints well blended with delicate perfumes of yeasts and bread crust. Fresh, smooth and captivating of great structure.

Food Suggestions
Perfect a an aperitif, a versatile spumante which well accompanies delicate first courses and all kinds of fish.

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